Doh! Nuts Patch - 10 pcs

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  • Doh! Nuts Patch - 10 pcs
  • Doh! Nuts Patch - 10 pcs
  • Doh! Nuts Patch - 10 pcs
  • Doh! Nuts Patch - 10 pcs
  • Doh! Nuts Patch - 10 pcs
  • Doh! Nuts Patch - 10 pcs

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  • Product Type: Patches
  • Model Number: DZ-324-10
  • Feature: Handmade,Eco-Friendly
  • Style: Iron-On
  • Size: 6.5CM*5CM
  • Technics: Sequined
  • Color: Multitudinal
  • Pattern: Donuts
  • Supplier: China Manufacturer
  • Clothing: Dress,Shirt,Skirt,Jacket,Jeans,Apron
  • People: Kids,Girl,Boy,Woman,Baby,Beauty
  • Sale Mode: Retail
  • Characteristic 1: Patches For Clothing,Iron On Cartoon Patches
  • Characteristic 2: Kids Iron On Patches,Cheap Embroidered Patch
  • Custom: Custom Patch


10 pcs Donuts patches badges for clothing iron embroidered patch applique iron sew on Diy patches sewing accessories stickers for clothes bags shoes ect. 10pcs/lot



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2.Due to the shooting condition and Hardware Devices such as monitor\'s brightness/contrast setting etc,there may be some slight differences between the actual item and the color tone of pictures showed.1

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Ironing cloth affixed to use: general small in size, thickness of 0.1 cm, a wide range of fabrics suitable for comparison, using the most simple.


1. Hot before the back to keep clean by using the method of the iron temperature is adjusted to fit the clothes temperature.

2. Paste into the right position the cloth needed (do not tear up the plastic), hot and forth a few times, usually burn about 15 seconds on.

3. To prevent scorch, you can paste a thin cotton cloth mat (it must be a cotton yo, do not fade if the cloth). After checking to see if the hot hot good edge on edge more than a few hot.

4. Decals also root thickness to determine the extent of the temperature, a little thick, the temperature must be higher, some of the long hot time. For particularly thick cloth stickers, you can then burn a few in the back.

5. Special Note: For fabric with sequins or surface relatively bright stickers (due sequins are plastic products) must be a layer of cloth pad with low iron (150 Celsius or less), or directly with a steam iron. In the top layer of damp cloth or pad. So as not to cause plastic sheet melting temperature.

6. The best way is to burn after a good, stick with a needle and thread in the fabric edge a few stitches, which is more secure, and very obedient.

7. Home without iron can also be directly used the same color line will be attached to the cloth sewn on clothes.

It after ironed, generally can be long-term and clothes (or other textiles). As a period of time after it off, or fall off after washing, explains iron when ironing temperature is low, or pressing time is too short, can repeat the original operation, will it very hot again. 


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